A monster collecting RPG.
In Development. Scroll down for more information.

Photeus is in active development and is being developed for Windows, macOS and Android. The game is changing and growing on a frequent basis. Milestone beta releases are planned to release on a consistent basis for free. Come and check out the Discord Server for more information!

The Kingdom of Nova Londinium. Its protectors, the Summoners, are tasked with defending the kingdom from the growing threat of dangerous and mystical creatures bottled under the surface.

These creatures are known as Photons: aggressive and ruthless, they will stop at nothing to invade the peace of your land, and yet, it is possible to fight them and earn their respect to fight for you.

With Photons at your side, help the subjects of Nova Londinium on the surface and explore the hellish cavern underneath to answer the question: why are Photons attacking you and where have they come from?

What kind of Summoner will you be?

With over 60 Photons to capture and train, participate in strategic, turn-based battles on the field, explore the surroundings of Nova Londinium and below to discover the secrets that lie within.

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